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Bankruptcy and Divorce Attorney Legal Services in New Castle, Pennsylvania

When it comes to legal services, you can't afford to hire just any divorce, criminal, or estate and will attorney to represent you. You need an attorney that has the experience necessary to fight for case and protect your rights. You need Robert Barletta.
Divorce & Family Law
As an experienced family and divorce attorney, Robert Barletta represent clients in a wide variety of domestic matters, including:
• Property Settlements in Divorce
• Child & Spousal Support
• Custody of Children
Almost every single divorce in Pennsylvania now is a no-fault divorce, though we can provide services for at-fault divorces if required. We try to do no-fault divorces as quickly and expeditiously as possible for the convenience of all involved parties.
Estates & Wills:
• Create Wills
• Estate Administration
• Powers of Attorney
• Trust Agreements
• Probate
• Special Needs Trusts for Dependent Children or Family Members
Scales - Divorce Attorney in New Castle, PA
Criminal Law:
• DUI or DWI
• Tresspass and Burgalry
• Theft
• PFA Defense
• Assault
Lawrence County is still using forms and procedures that Robert Barletta created as an assistant district attorney during his 14 years there. He knows how the entire procedure works internally and helps you get the results you want.
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